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Sales Experience

Belyea Company, Inc., in business since 1908, is proud of the number of generator sets, circuit breakers and transformers that they have sold over the last few years. We have been providing used surplus electrical power equipment to countries around the world including the Bahamas, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua. We have sales associates in Canada, Guatemala, El Salvador, Australia, Great Britain and Brazil.

Our database of clients, contacts and customers include world renown firms such as Kimberly-Clark, Weyerhaeuser, PSEG Global, General Electric, Siemens, Unicom, Phelps-Dodge, the United States Government and many others.

Belyea Company also works extensively with the electrical utility industry, assisting in the divestiture of generators and turbines that are no longer needed by owning companies. In fact, we have access to over 20,000 pieces of electrical power equipment, listed on a database that is continually updated to provide the most current information available. We also offer appraisal services for financial groups, utilities, IPP's, insurance companies and legal firms.

The Belyea team has over 250 combined years of electrical machinery experience, with several engineers on staff to assist in developing an electrical power system to meet the needs of our customers.


Azucarera El Palmar, S. A. - Costa Rica
One (1) 7500 KW Elliott Generator

Bahamas Electricity Corporation - The Bahamas 
One (1) 26 MW GE Frame 5N Gas Turbine Generator Set

Biscom - Philippines 
One (1) 11 MW Delaval Non-Condensing Steam Turbine Generator

Callidus Technologies, Inc. - Oklahoma 
One (1) 3125 KW GE Condensing Steam Turbine Generator

Cementos Lima/ARPL - Peru 
Three (3) 5250 kW Diesel Generator Sets 
Two (2) 6000 kW Diesel Generator sets

Cities of Harrisonburg and Manassas - Virginia 
Two (2) 14 MW Avon Gas Turbine Generator Sets

Compania Agricola - Guatemala 
One (1) 25 MW Steam Turbine Generator Set 
One (1) 16 MW Turbine Generator Set 
One (1) 7.5 MW Steam Turbine Generator Set

Eucatex of North America - Georgia
One (1) 12 MW Rolls Royce Avon Gas Turbine Generator

Hanover Compressor Company - Texas
One (1) 50 MW Alsthom Generator

Harbor Cogeneration
One (1) 11 MW Steam Turbine Generator Set 
One (1) 15 MW Steam Turbine Generator Set

Idaho Power - Idaho
Two (2) New 49 MW Siemens Westinghouse Gas Turbine Generators

Ingenio La Gloria - Mexico 
Three (3) 5 MW GE Generators 
One (1) 10 MW GE Generator

Ingenio La Union and Ingenio Magdelana - Guatemala 
Two (2) 10 MW Non-Condensing Generator Sets

Ingenio San Antonio - Nicaragua 
One (1) 12,000 KVA Allis-Chalmers Generator

Pantaleon and Concepcion Sugar Mills - Guatemala 
One (1) 10 MW Steam Turbine Generator Set 
One (1) 7.5 MW Steam Turbine Generator 
One (1) 22 MW Steam Turbine Generator 
One (1) 6 MW Non-Condensing Steam Turbine Generator for a Guatemala Sugar Mill 
One (1) 5 MW Non-Condensing Steam Turbine Generator for a Costa Rica 
One (1) 5 MW Non-Condensing Steam Turbine Generator to an El Salvador Sugar Mill 
One (1) 5 MW Steam Turbine Generator Set to a Venezuelan Sugar Mill

Phelps Dodge Mining Company - New Mexico
One (1) New 30 MW Westinghouse Gas Turbine Generator

Quesco Turbomachinery Services - Texas 
One (1) 26.1 MW GE Frame 5P Gas Turbine Generator

Rotavi Componentes Automotivos, Ltda. - Brazil
Two (2) 1750 kW Caterpillar Diesel Gensets

Sierra Pacific Industries 
Two (2) 5 MW Steam Turbines

Trigen-Nassau Energy Corporation - New York 
One (1) 1.5 MW Murray Steam Turbine

UNC Industrial Power - Texas
One (1) 800 KW Solar Gas Turbine Generator

Weyerhaeuser - Canada
One (1) 30 MW Turbodyne Steam Turbine Generator

Wood Group - Scotland
One (1) 5.5 MW Ruston Tornado Gas Turbine


One (1) 105 MW Steam Turbine Generator for a Co-Generation Project in the US 
One (1) 15 MW Geothermal Project in Nevada 
Four (4) 18 MW Frame 5 Gas Turbines & One (1) 30 MW Steam Turbine Generator for a Colorado Co-Generation Plant 
Two (2) 25 MW Westinghouse W-251 Gas Turbine Generator Sets & One (1) 30 MW Steam Turbine Generator Set for a Co-Generation Plant in Colorado 
One (1) 1500 kW Steam Turbine to a Philippine Sugar Mill 
One (1) 5000 HP Motor for a Paper Mill in Mexico 


ABB Services - Minnesota
One (1) Mobile Substation

Austin International - North Carolina 
Three (3) 69 KV Westinghouse Oil Circuit Breakers

Azucarera El Viejo - Costa Rica 
Lineup of Generator Synchronizing and Paralleling Switchgear

Becromal of America, Inc. - Tennessee 
One (1) 3000 Amp, 350 MVA Westinghouse Circuit Breaker Aisle

Bentech Group - Delaware
One (1) 7500 KVA, 69 kV Substation

Callidus Technologies, Inc. - Oklahoma 
One (1) 3750 KVA United Power Substation Transformer

Campbell South Company - Ohio 
One (1) 3 Bay Lineup of GE Disconnect Switches

City of New York, Department of Environmental Protection - New York
One (1) 1000/1150 KVA Westinghouse Transformer

Colburn Electric - California
One (1) 5KV GE Power VAC 
One (1) 150 KV Indoor-Housed Transformer 
One (1) Alcad/Fiamm 1250 Volt Battery 
One (1) 115 KV Station Class Lightening Arrestors

Compania Agricola Industrial Santa Ana - Guatemala 
One (1) 2500/2800/3125/3500 KVA Niagara Substation Transformer

Compania Azucarera Salvadorena, S.A. de C.V. - El Salvador 
One (1) 12/16 MVA Step-Down Transformer

Con Edison - New York 
One (1) 2500 KVA Cutler Hammer Transformer

Corporacion Dominicana Electricida - Dominican Republic 
One (1) 7500/9375 KVA Transformer

Cummins & Barnard, Inc. - Michigan 
One (1) 7.5 MVA RTE-ASEA Substation Transformer

Distrigas Corp. - Massachusetts 
One (1) 2500 KVA Transformer

Elk Run Coal Company - West Virginia
One (1) 15/28 MVA Federal Pacific Substation Transformer

Energy Services, Inc. - Connecticut 
One (1) Assembly of 4 Sections of Switchgear

Enron Engineering & Construction - Texas
Three (3) Circuit and Interrupting Breakers, Relays, Current Transformers And Control Switch

Friesen Electric, Inc. - Washington 
One (1) 3500 KVA Virginia Transformer

Hartz Mountain Corp. - New Jersey 
One (1) 2/2.3 MVA Allis Chalmers Substation Transformer

Ingenio La Cabana - El Salvador
Two (2) Transformers 
Two (2) Circuit Breakers 
One (1) Static Exciter

Ingenio La Union and Ingenio Magdelena - Guatemala 
All Electrical Substation for Parallel and Synchronized Operation with the Utility

IPSCO Steel, Inc. - Iowa 
One (1) 2000 KVA Square D Transformer

Keystone Cement - Pennsylvania 
One (1) 10000 KVA National Industry Transformer

Kersey Boll Industries - Oregon
One (1) Unused GE Vacuum Breakers Lineup, Consisting of 15 Circuit Breakers

Merck & Co., Inc. - New Jersey 
Two (2) 1600 Amp ABB Air Circuit Breakers, Unused Nuclear Surplus 
One (1) 4000 Amp Air Circuit Breaker

Mid-American Energy - Iowa
One (1) 5/7 MVA Westinghouse Transformer

Montana Power Co. - Montana
One (1) 88/117/147 MVA Westinghouse Generator Step Up Transformer

Ogden Energy - New Jersey
Three (3) 6900 V Westinghouse Indoor Switchgear

Ohio Transformer - Ohio 
One (1) 12/17.2 MVA Westinghouse Transformer

Pantaleon and Concepcion Sugar Mills - Guatemala 
All Switch Gear for the Complete Co-Generation Plant

Papelera De Chihuahua Sa de Cv - Mexico
One (1) 10/13.3 MVA Canadian Westinghouse Substation Transformer

Papeles Elaborados, S.A. - Guatemala
All Switch Gear for 10 MW Hydroelectric Plant

Philips Brothers - California
One (1) Indoor Lineup Siemens Vacuum Switchgear

Power Asset Recovery Corp. - Ohio
One (1) 90/120/150/168 MVA Westinghouse Auto Transformer

PSEG Global - New Jersey
One (1) 15/20/28 MVA Transformer

Texas Ohio Energy - Texas
Two (2) Ingersoll-Rand Horizontal Split Case Multi-Stage Pump

Thermo Las Flores - Colombia 
Two (2) 95 MVA Transformers for a Breakdown in a Co-Generation Plant 
Sold numerous Substations, medium to high voltage, for Central & South America

Tosco-Bayway Refining Co. - New Jersey 
Two (2) Siemens Allis 1200 AMP Circuit Breakers

Trenton Iron & Metal - New Jersey
One (1) 5000 KVA Ferranti Oil Transformer 
One (1) 24.5 KV Load Break Switch 
One (1) 1000 KVA Transformer

Trigen Biopower, Inc. - Georgia 
One (1) Westinghouse Lineup of Motor Starters 
One (1) 3200 Amp Main Bus Lineup of Siemens Allis Switchgear

Trigen-Syracuse Energy Corp. - New York
Two (2) 600 Amp, 4160 Volt AC Disconnect Switches 
Two (2) Siemens 81000 Series Full Voltage Squirrel Cat Motor Starters 
One (1) GE/Multilin Motor Management Relay

Triton Minera - Nicaragua
4000 KVA Outdoor Transformer

Universal Equipment Company - North Carolina 
One (1) GE 7500/8400/10500 KVA Substation Transformer


  • Sold 600 MVA for various utilities worldwide
  • Sold 700 MVA to a US utility
  • Sold Switch Gear for US military in Bosnia
  • Sold over 1 Million MVA of Transformers for North American Buyers
  • Sold numerous motors throughout the US and South America
  • Tested the diesel generators used in -Desert Storm- for US Army Corps of Engineers


  • Burns and Roe, engineering company, rented a 1000 kW modular unit for their office building in New Jersey
  • The McNeil Consumer Products Company rented two 1750 kW power modules for their factory on Puerto Rico
  • Transformers and diesel generators to Quebec after an ice storm destroyed the transmission lines
  • Three (3) rebuilt sets of 12470 V GE Indoor Vacuum Switchgear for a project in Haiti


  • O'Brien Environmental Company - evaluated a huge used equipment inventory and ten operating co-generation plants. Closed a successful sale to a US utility subsidiary.
  • Ohio Power House, City of Celina - evaluated their equipment enabling them to sell the assets and clear the interior of the building.
  • Evaluated Florida Power's 186 MW power station consisting of two 75 MW steam turbine generator sets and boilers, plus two 18 MW gas turbine generator sets.
  • Evaluated a steam turbine generator set failure for a law firm enabling them to successfully defend the supplier.
  • Evaluated a new installation and the residual value for GE Capital, concerning four 42 MW gas turbine generator sets for a US utility to cover a shortfall in generation capacity.
  • Brokered for Public Service Electric and Gas of New Jersey when they closed over $16 million on four 55 MW of 1970's vintage combustion turbine generators.
  • Appraisal for California Leasing Company 83 MW coal to gas combustion turbine plant. Plant sold soon after.
  • Appraisal for California Leasing Company 2 x 60 MW combustion turbines leased by a utility. Helped sell plant.
  • Appraisal for one 4700 kW plant, combined cycle, for Wiccacon Power. Helped sell plant.
  • Appraisal of 3 x 40 MW General Electric steam turbines and boilers for Florida Power Corp.


Agricola Santa Ana Air Products & Chemicals
Alabama Metal Industries Bethlehem Steel Corp.
Cementos Progreso, S.A. Con Edison
Duquesne Light Company General Electric
Georgia Pacific Corp. Harold K. Scholz Co.
Ingenio Magdalena Ingenio Taboga, S.A.
Johnson Controls Maderas El Alto, S.A.
Met Electrical Testing NRG Arthur Kill Operations, Inc.
Pantaleon PSEG
Rochdale Village Siemens/Westinghouse
Sierra Pacific Industries  

As you can see, Belyea Company, Inc. has a vast network of contacts in the utility, industrial, military and manufacturing sectors of the electrical power business. We have plants and equipment for any project, in any part of the world, on an immediate basis. Our associates and branches are worldwide. We can do appraisals and consulting for investment recovery for utilities or corporation accounts.

In order to provide the best service possible, we established a unique electronic database of contacts that want to buy or sell power plant equipment. Over 24,000 equipment listings give us an instant window to the surplus world for the 30,000 contacts in the database. Belyea Company recognizes the importance of the Internet and the bridge it is building to all points on the globe. Our website has all you need to view our inventory and find the best equipment at the right price.

We will save you time and money, and provide a level of comfort to a power project partner through the use of time-tested equipment and experienced project management. The team members possess years of hands-on experience in all aspects of power project work. To supplement the core of Belyea Company personnel, we call on a cadre of technical and financial associates. They are experienced in international project work and are multi-lingual.

Call on Belyea Company to be your surplus electrical power equipment-marketing experts.